Philosophy and Friendship with Peter Banki, Ph.D

Friendship is often undervalued in our culture against sexual or romantic love.  But it is possible to think of friendship also as a form of love, perhaps the finest and the most enduring. 

The history of Western thought can be interpreted as a work of friendship. Philosophers and writers such as Aristotle, Michel de Montaigne, Nietzsche, Hölderlin, Maurice Blanchot, Levinas and others have all testified to this truth in different ways. In this workshop we will discuss the question of what we owe our friends, if we can really count how many friends we have, the politics of friendship, the uncanny intimacy between the friend and the enemy, the contemporary phenomenon of Facebook friends, the ghost of the third in friendship and the question of foreclosed eroticism. You will also have the opportunity to explore with others what role friendship plays in your life.

"Oh my friends, there is no friend." Michel de Montaigne, Of Friendship (1580)