Sex-Positive Parenting with Shae Elise Allen

With regard to sexuality, parents have a double responsibility. On the one hand, we would like to teach our kids how to be more comfortable in their own bodies and to not give into sexual and body shame. On the other hand, however, we also have our own work to do--not to neglect to connect with our own sexuality, self-love and to live with purpose. 

In this workshop, we will look at ways to weave sex-positivity into our parenting. We will look at the important role that self worth plays, as well as consent and especially how to show up authentically and be willing to learn alongside our children.


Shae Elise Allen is sexuality educator, women’s empowerment coach and tantra practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. Through her Mother of Desire work, Shae guides and empowers Mothers who have disconnected from their sexuality, self love and life purpose since having children. Shae is a graduate practitioner of Barbra Carellas’ Urban Tantra Professional Training Program and graduate of The International School of Temple Arts. She has spent the past 20 years diving deep into the world of authentic relating, tantra and somatic trainings and has developed her own methodology, 'Yoni Repatterining', a unique and transformational bodywork for women that incorporates yoni bodywork – massage and mapping of the vagina – and de-armouring – a process of massaging, mapping, identifying and releasing physical and emotional holding in the vagina. Learn more at