The Glitoris and the Clitorati

Coming from a love of sparkly subversive queer performance and terrible vintage sci-fi, the Clitorati are the way to bring the Glitrotis to the people.

These ambassadors for the clit make the subject super approachable by combining dance and performance with audience engagement and education on the ways and wonders of the clitoris. It means its not a detached art piece in a museum or photograph; people can come up and have a chat or a hug, take some selfies, gently stroke the Glitoris. We want it to be fun to learn about our bodies and pleasure. After all that is what the clitoris - the only known organ who's only purpose is pleasure - would want.

This project just a small part of an international awakening in understanding the clitoris that started in the medical sciences and has moved into art.

The Glitoris has made thousands of people around the world more aware of their own and each others bodies, given them access to pleasure and connection and hopefully improved their lives in doing so.