The Sydney Queer Erotic Festival

Darlinghurst, 11 February 2018



About the Festival

The Sydney Queer Erotic Festival is a full day clothes-on festival of over 20 workshops and performances exploring different aspects and variations of queer eroticism. The festival combines erotic education with the visual and performing arts and embodiment. It will be held on from 9:30am-8pm on Sunday 11 February at East Sydney Community Arts Centre, 34 Burton St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.

For us, queer eroticism implies a kind of creativity, a way of being inventive. It involves playing with codes, genders and genres, mixing them together, to make them say or become something else. To be queer is to play on a different basis, according to different rules. It invents new games, or finds new ways to play old games, with a different meaning and/or intention. Above all it is a way of being vulnerable, but at the same time being strong.

Festival Idea: Ira Zev, Production and Realisation: Peter Banki, Ph.D & Sarah Roffey    


Our Workshops and Performances

Our Presenters and Performers