Part of the concept of having a workshop and aftercare session is to provide a safety net within the structure of the play party, whereby people may be held accountable for how they behave towards one another.  In the context of the workshop we will communicate what we believe to be correct and incorrect behavior at a play party, and what kinds of behavior we wish to discourage and even prohibit. Because we do not wish that anyone complains that their consent has been violated or abused, in the workshop we will discuss in depth the concept of consent and in which ways it is both simple and complex, especially in the context of a play party. And we will make clear what kinds of behavior are not acceptable.

However, it needs to be emphasised that part of the reason why we propose Expansion is to provide a space where people can explore their sensual and erotic freedom. And freedom means also the possibility of things going wrong. While we take great care to provide a space where injuries of all kinds are unlikely to happen, we cannot guarantee that they will never happen. We therefore strongly encourage all participants to take primary responsibility for their own physical and emotional well-being in the party space. As the hosts of the party it is impossible for us to take responsibility for everything that may happen. Over 7 years of having organised erotic festivals and events, it is our experience that the space is safest, most consensual and most erotic when participants know that your personal safety and consent is firstly your own priority.