The festival has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it is to create a space where people can feel more confident and free to express their desires.  On the other hand, it is to promote emotional maturity and intelligence on the topics of queer love and sexuality.

Our intention is to create a space that is as safe as possible where all activity is consensual. During the Festival Opening we will provide a framework which will enable people to express their wishes and boundaries in clear ways. There will also be exercises which will help people to learn to read "body consent", which supports verbal communication. People who act in a non-consensual fashion, or who make others feel uncomfortable will be asked to leave. People who are unduly aggressive to other participants or staff will also be asked to leave. 

While all care is taken to make the space as safe as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience some emotional disturbance or discomfort during the festival.  Often this discomfort is part and parcel of finding oneself in a new environment or learning something new. Many years of experience have taught us that the most sure way to keep all activity at the festival safe, fun and consensual is to empower people to be risk aware and to take responsibility for themselves first.